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Valentine Food Photography

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Every February 14, across the United States, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged in the name of St. Valentine. The Catholic Church recognizes three saints with the name Valentine, so there is a bit of confusion about which one is the actual Patron Saint of the holiday. The “holiday” as we recognize it, is centuries old and celebrated in numerous countries around the globe. The Valentine’s Day Card made its appearance in Victorian England in the mid nineteenth century. Chocolate …

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Using the Gold-N-Blue Polarizer

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In mid-February 2020, my good friend and photography mentor, George Wilson and I departed in the darkness of the early morning for the drive from Orlando, FL to Smyrna Dunes Park, several miles north of the Kennedy Space Center. Our goal was to catch the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean before walking north along the boardwalk towards Ponce de Leon Inlet to photograph the sand dunes. We arrived at the entrance gate just as it was opening, and the Ranger gave us …

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I recently walked in the door from photographing bears for two solid weeks. 16,000 images of bears doing about everything you can imagine. Honestly, we had some of the best weather I have ever seen in Alaska in this area (I was there in June, and it rained multiple days). And we also got lucky with a very strong red salmon run. My main setup was a D6 with 500mm 5.6 PF for tight wildlife, and a Z7II with 24-200mm for scenic …

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The Benefit of Using The Vinny Colucci Extended Grad Filter

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The Extended Grad Filter is an extension of the Galen Rowell graduated filters. The filter is available in 1-Stop through 4-stop densities. The typical soft grad filter is dark along the top end of the filter. It is placed over the bright part of the sky to even out the exposure with the rest of the scene. This works very well in somewhat even lighting at early morning or the end of the day when you have lower warm light. …

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Expect The Unexpected

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Life is full of unexpected moments, so why would it be any different for our photography? There are not a lot of what I would call “truisms” when it comes to the art side of our craft, but one truism should be counted on, and that is, to always expect or anticipate the unexpected. This can apply to nature and to the human beings who interact with nature. Yet here’s the key, when the unexpected happens, be ready to react. …