Winter Photography in the North Cascades in Washington

The North Cascades in Washington State are one of the most amazing places to hike and photograph anywhere in the country, and in my opinion would rival anywhere in the world. The area is super vast with so many different opportunities, it would take years with a lot of exploring to see it all. But […]

Photographing a Solar Eclipse

An eclipse on earth happens when the sun, moon and earth are in alignment creating either a solar or lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse happens when the earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light from illuminating the moon. During a solar eclipse, the moon passes directly between Earth and the sun for a brief period of […]

Slow Motion Eddies

When I returned from Acadia NP in October of 2022, the colors were spectacular. Cree and I went out early to scout, and one day following a stream I found a fantastic image but only if I had the right filter and could imagine the outcome.  What am I talking about? If you have ever […]

Singh-Ray Polarizing filters and Wildlife Photography

Most photographers don’t consider a polarizing filter while photographing wildlife. It is true that there is not always time to polarize but when you can you get results better than without a polarizing filter. The three photographs here are prime examples. When I am working in an area where I expect wildlife to come within […]


Photographs tell stories, convey emotion, and make us laugh. Our own life experience will sometimes dictate how we interpret images. After all, photography is art and art is subjective. But we must also remember that photography is a visual language, a language without words. The message I send to the viewer must be done solely […]

As My Reinvention as a Photographer Continues

As my reinvention as a photographer continues from Sports Illustrated to landscape photography my Singh-Ray Filters are becoming more and more important. Along with my workshop partner Don Smith I just returned from our delayed (due to pandemic) Scottish Highland Workshop.   During the 2-week workshop many of our locations, like Eilean Donan Castle, The […]

Wildflowers and Morro Rock, Morro Bay, California

This springtime scene comes again from my hometown of Morro Bay, California. This arrangement of various flowers and succulents can be found throughout the year along the Embarcadero, a waterfront road/walkway that is a draw for the tourists and locals alike. It borders the east side of Morro Bay (which is the inner harbor). That […]

Singh-Ray Filters

I’ve been using Singh-Ray filters my entire career, and I never leave the office without 3-4 in my pack. My normal selection includes polarizers, ND filters, graduated ND and reverse ND filters. These filters allow me to create photographs that are not possible unless I am using them. I also find that I change compositions […]

Patience Rewarded

Patience is a virtue – or so I was told growing up. So, what is the obsession with rushing through our photography– just to upload it to Instagram, Facebook, Flickr in hopes of getting lots of “likes” and favorites”? Will they really matter 100 years from now? What portion of our work will still exist […]