Singh-Ray Bryan Hansel All-in-One Graduated Filter


A unique neutral density graduated filter that features a soft transition into a darker central area (4 stops). Above the darker central area, the filter transitions to a lighter top. The design makes sunrise and sunset shots over water look more natural while maintaining a bright foreground. It also works for backlit mountainous terrain.

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One of the challenges of landscape photography is balancing the tonal values between a bright sky and dark foreground, especially at sunrise and sunset. Singh-Ray’s pioneering Galen Rowell Graduated Filters provided us with tools to keep our photos looking natural while helping to overcome the contrast range limits of film and now digital. The All-in-One filter is another tool that helps continue Singh-Ray’s legacy.

The All-in-One Filter overcomes two issues common with graduated filters. The first is getting bright foregrounds with strongly backlit mountains. The All-in-One’s dark central area holds back the bright light on the mountain’s peaks while the soft transition makes sure that the filter remains hidden and the transition between clear and dark looks natural in the final photo.

The second challenge is holding back sunlight while over water. To our eyes, the reflections of the sky in water appears to hold the same tonal values as the sky. Using hard or reverse graduated filters to hold back the brightness of the sky can sometimes make the water look too light in the final photo. The All-in-One’s first softer transition helps overcome this unnatural look by darkening the water while the darker second transition when placed on the horizon holds back the bright sunlight.
When including more of the sky in your compositions, the All-in-One acts like a reverse. The higher parts of the sky do not receive as dark of filtration as the lower parts. This keeps the upper parts of the sky in your composition looking natural.

This filter is mainly designed to work with strong foregrounds when using near/far composition techniques. It keeps the foreground bright while holding back the bright sunrise or sunset. The soft transition to the darker center disguises the filter through the center to keep everything looking natural. It is one more tool that Singh-Ray offers photographers.

Quick Tips:- 

  • The All-In-One Filter is used like a Darryl Benson Reverse. It will provide approximately 4 stops of density at the darkest point, just below the transition line.
  • The All-In-One Filter also provides a soft edge to help blend the hard transition line.
  • Aim to put the darker hard transition on the horizon or on top of the mountain peaks.
  • Rotating the filter holder significantly helps with seeing the hard split center. Because the soft transition helps hide the darker center, it takes practice and time to see it.
  • Use your depth of field preview button to help you see the transition.

Images of the Singh-Ray All-in-One Graduated Filter from Bryan Hansel

Without  Filter

With  Filter
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