Photographing the Yosemite, Part 2: Summer in the High Country

Photo of a Still Lake with trees and a mountain in the distance

In the summer months at the Yosemite, it’s the high country for me. And you don’t need to get far into the wilderness to experience it. David Brower’s ice cream cone scenario often comes to mind as we leave Tuolumne Meadows on route to the Yosemite high camps beyond. The camps were built in the […]

Looking for the locations that may become icons for future photographers

Photo of A Boulder in front of a Rock Hill

Steve Kossack now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, which enables him to reach many of the most iconic natural wonders in the American West within just a few hours of driving. “What I have found amazing is how differently I respond to a scenic area after exploring it many times. This is especially true for […]

An unexpected chance to visit Hawaii proves to be a lifetime experience

Photo of a sunset over a valley

The wonderful thing about life is that we never know! We create this crazy illusion that we control our lives, yet when I think about it, I realize how little is planned and how much is serendipity. In my quest to see and photograph in all the National Parks, I find myself still twenty-one parks […]

Reflections of this year’s visit to the splendors of Glacier National Park

Photo of a snowy mountain being reflected into the lake with a Deer standing at the edge

Sometimes I wonder whether success in any creative art is more dependent on the singer or the song? That is to say, is it really the photographer or the place? Over the years, I’ve come to realize excellent outdoor images can be made almost anywhere at any time. Nevertheless, that rationalization fades from memory when […]

Relocating my Photo Business to Nevada has Become a Moving Experience

Photo of a Mountain in a Valley

Moving forward always gives a better view to the past. As I get set to move after a decade in one place, all the years of field photography, and especially the resulting images, now come to the forefront with different thoughts and emotions attached. The images that have special merit are the ones that have […]

Putting the Singh-Ray filters to good use when capturing reflected images

Photo of a Shoreline being reflected

We almost always get our share of great light — most often at the beginning or the end of the day — no matter what time of year or location we’re visiting. But we all realize there will also be those really challenging times when we need to work with the light we’re given. That’s […]