Photographing a Solar Eclipse

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An eclipse on earth happens when the sun, moon and earth are in alignment creating either a solar or lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse happens when the earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light from illuminating the moon. During a solar eclipse, the moon passes directly between Earth and the sun for a brief period of time blocking the light.  It is a phenomenon that, for the photographer, is a challenge to capture either digitally or on film.   The rarity …

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Photographs tell stories, convey emotion, and make us laugh. Our own life experience will sometimes dictate how we interpret images. After all, photography is art and art is subjective. But we must also remember that photography is a visual language, a language without words. The message I send to the viewer must be done solely through vision and the elements of the photograph itself. I must be able to imagine the image beforehand and then be able to capture what …

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Sunrise at Collins Landing, Eastham on Cape Cod, MA with Singh-Ray’s LB Color Intensifier

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Eastham is on Cape Cod, a place where a major portion of my youth, (and adult life), was spent. Today I still return there to the family home, to the beaches and favorite haunts. Now, instead of carrying a surf rod searching for summer Blues and Striped Bass in the waves of the ocean side beaches, I carry a camera. Cape Cod through my lens I hope brings someone closer to the outer beach, the dune grass and the lifestyle …

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Valentine Food Photography

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Every February 14, across the United States, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged in the name of St. Valentine. The Catholic Church recognizes three saints with the name Valentine, so there is a bit of confusion about which one is the actual Patron Saint of the holiday. The “holiday” as we recognize it, is centuries old and celebrated in numerous countries around the globe. The Valentine’s Day Card made its appearance in Victorian England in the mid nineteenth century. Chocolate …

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Using the Gold-N-Blue Polarizer

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In mid-February 2020, my good friend and photography mentor, George Wilson and I departed in the darkness of the early morning for the drive from Orlando, FL to Smyrna Dunes Park, several miles north of the Kennedy Space Center. Our goal was to catch the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean before walking north along the boardwalk towards Ponce de Leon Inlet to photograph the sand dunes. We arrived at the entrance gate just as it was opening, and the Ranger gave us …

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Photographing the Night Sky at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

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Situated about 100 miles (driving miles) from Orlando, FL is Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park. It is a favorite photography location of mine for my black and white panoramic images. The Preserve is also one of just two International Dark Sky Places in the Sunshine State – the other, Big Cypress National Preserve, sits further south near the River of Grass – the Florida Everglades. Overall, there are 120 recognized International Dark Sky Places worldwide. The International Dark Sky Places …

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Defining your Infrared Photographic Vision

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First of all, finding my own photographic style was one of the most challenging things I have done in my photography career. Secondly, it has changed and morphed as I have aged and become more deliberate in how I capture my images. I have also heard people using photographic style, photographic vision and photographic message synonymously in conversations. In my opinion, they are different, but yet dependent upon one another. My photographic vision depends upon the message I want to …