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Presenter and award – winning photographer Vinny Colucci has been an active photographer since 1979 and a shooting professional since 1995. He has photographed North Carolina to the west coast and north to the Canadian Rockies. Along with his wife Annette, Vinny conducts nature and wildlife photography workshops throughout the year.

Vinny is an active outdoorsman and a member of Nikon’s Professional Service and Wimberly Professional Service, Think Tank/Mindshift affiliate and Technical Advisor as well as a Singh-Ray Filter Ambassador and Technical Advisor. His images have appeared in multiple publications, including Nature Photographer Magazine, New Bern Travel Magazine, Microwave Journal, Smoky Mountain journal and various other publications. He has also authored and co-authored multiple books.

His speaking engagements have included Popular Photography Magazine, Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), St. Augustine Photo & Birding Festival, Orlando Wetlands Festival, Crane Festival and Universities around the country.

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